Web Development Jobs

Web development jobs

Web developers assume ownership of the code throughout development, staging, testing, and production phases of website development. They use software languages and other tools to integrate databases, create web applications, and deliver on the technical aspects of websites.

Web developers do not work alone. They collaborate with the web designer, copywriters, and other programmers throughout the project while providing input into the design, layout, and structure of the site. To ensure satisfactory completion, they test applications on various browsers and often work directly with the client to make any necessary adjustments. They also support the upkeep and maintenance of the website – fix bugs, troubleshoot, and resolve problems.

Job titles that fall into the realm of web development include:

  • Front End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • UI Developer
  • UX Developer
  • Ecommerce Specialist
  • Flash Programmer
  • Dev Ops

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