Enterprise Systems Jobs

Enterprise systems jobs

Those working in enterprise systems are responsible for installing, upgrading, and monitoring a company’s computer and information systems – including operating systems, business applications, security tools, web servers, email, PCs, and local and wide area networks. These specialists evaluate an organization’s business practices and make technology recommendations. Primary duties include installation, maintenance, and upgrading of hardware and software. They may also be involved in data backup and recovery.

Enterprise systems specialists not only require strong problem resolution and critical thinking skills, but also interpersonal skills. They are also often the first point-of-contact when users experience problems with the network. To resolve issues, they gather information to define the issue, troubleshoot, and coordinate with vendors as needed.

Job titles that fall into the realm of enterprise systems include:

  • Enterprise Systems Analyst
  • Enterprise Systems Engineer
  • Enterprise Systems Director
  • System Administrator
  • Applications Analyst

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