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The Risks Of Hiring In A Crisis

The Risk of Hiring In a CrisisWhen a staff shortage threatens the success of a large project or makes it impossible to fulfill a sudden upturn in customer orders, managers are too often forced into emergency mode to bring in workers to close the staffing gap. This kind of crisis management – when standard procedures and sound business practices are frequently put aside in favor of fast action – can negatively affect business. Hiring contractors who might not be vendor-approved, and at varying rates of pay, makes it very challenging to keep track of hours worked and possible variances in invoices, as well as payments made – which can result in budget overruns. And, there may be a risk of non-compliance with state or federal employment tax rules.

A BETTER WAY. Establishing an Employer of Choice program with Technical ProSource allows organizations like yours to weather the inevitable ups and downs of the business cycle and its corresponding effect on staffing. When Technical ProSource acts as the sole provider of hiring and compensation for freelancers and other contractors, a complex situation is made easy for everyone involved.

CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN. Technical ProSource listens carefully to understand the needs of each organization it serves, working hand-in-hand to develop a customized plan that may include:

  • Funneling all free lancers and contractors through Technical ProSource.
  • Consolidating time keeping by utilizing Technical ProSource’s online time and attendance tracking system.
  • Consolidating invoicing for the client.
  • Developing a consistent pay and bill rate for specific positions.
  • Managing all aspects of the hiring process.
  • Ensuring compliance with government standards in utilizing freelancers.

THE BENEFITS. When Technical ProSource acts as your centralized source for all these tasks, your organization will quickly realize savings in time and money. And, then you can focus on making your customers happy.