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Discover how Technical ProSource has helped businesses simplify and streamline their recruiting and hiring processes and tackle challenging IT projects. This series of case studies will give you a taste of how we may be able to address your company’s IT staffing needs to reach similar levels of success.

Providing Technical Expertise for a Multi-Year 1.5 Petabyte Seismic Data Upload

THE CHALLENGE:SeismicDataUpload

An oil and gas company was in the midst of tackling a huge project to inventory, identify entitlement, and upload their seismic data into a central database. It was scheduled to be a multi-year project containing an estimated 1.5 petabytes of data. To complete the project, they required data management professionals with a background in seismic data.


After meeting with the project manager, project team, and other stakeholders to discuss the project needs, Technical ProSource created a custom plan:

  • Conduct market research on data management, seismic data, and the technologies used in the industry
  • Determine the technical and soft skills needed for each role
  • Qualify candidates for the project to define workflows and processes, identify entitlement, upload data, and create automation and reporting
  • Manage the consultants throughout the project
  • Meet with clients and consultants quarterly to conduct performance reviews and identify additional staffing needs
  • Provide feedback to clients and consultants to ensure low attrition and meet project timelines


In total, 19 IT and data management professionals were provided over the course of the project. Due to the level of service provided, Technical ProSource became the preferred employment service provider, providing not only candidates, but also employing professionals identified by the client for a number of data management projects. Technical ProSource reduced the client’s hiring time and training costs.

Transitioning to a More Reliable CygNet SCADA System


A Fortune 500 company and one of North America’s premier natural gas infrastructure companies needed to migrate from Televent Software to the new robust CygNet SCADA system.


Technical ProSource provided consultants with knowledge of SCADA design and system architecture, including: project managers, developers, analysts (system, measurement and control), testers, and RTU support specialists. Their assistance on the pipeline software conversion included:

  • Gather requirements from key departments: database, applications, migration, and measurement
  • Gather requirements and create client-customized applications for the gas control center
  • Cater to their client’s needs by creating customizable screens
  • Develop customized SCADA applications for the gas control center
  • Install, configure, debug, and maintain a polling engine to control the pipeline
  • Provide quality control of RTUs along the pipelines
  • Compare the old Televent system data and the new CygNet SCADA system data to validate the data on both systems
  • Conduct 15-minute interval tests of the CygNet system to ensure that everything went smoothly before the full transition
  • Take down the old system after full data validation


Technical ProSource’s oil and gas expertise was an essential asset during the planning, design, and development stages. Their expertise with HMI and .Net development proved to be a major factor in the project’s success. As a result, Technical ProSource’s has received an invitation to apply their expertise on the remaining pipeline migrations.

Migrating 3,500+ Desktops to a Common Operating Environment

DesktopMigrationTHE CHALLENGE:

A major provider of electricity and energy services needed to move to a consistent computing environment. To meet the need for a Common Operating Environment (COE), they required over 3,500 desktops to be migrated.


Technical ProSource provided an all-inclusive project team consisting of migration specialists, pre-deployment technicians, and post-deployment support professionals. Their project plan included:

  • Define the migration process
  • Create the migration procedures to ensure a successful migration environment
  • Inventory hardware and software and store in a custom database
  • Create a mobile deployment lab to handle the deployment of the software to each client desktop
  • Return updated desktops to the user and ensure satisfaction before marking as complete
  • Remain in contact with each user until all client hardware and software issues are resolved
  • Transition the support role to the client’s desktop support group upon completion of the last support issue


Every need was met to allow for a smooth successful migration. At the most intense phase of the migration, the Technical ProSource team was 50 strong, allowing all migration deadlines to be met in a timely manner. The client’s confidence in the migration team led to the full-time hiring of 15 migration specialists. Technical ProSource continues to provide IT staffing for the client.

Deploying an Upgrade for a Worldwide Organization

UpgradeDeploymentTHE CHALLENGE:

A major integrated energy company’s need for consistent, high-quality IT services around the world had become more critical to their business success. They needed a single point of network management and common operating environment to standardize all users’ software and hardware. They reached out to Technical ProSource’s migration solutions team because they had provided quality resources for the previous six years.


Technical ProSource appointed a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff with expertise in problem identification and resolution, and strategy development to complete the following:

  • Communicate with business units to develop implementation logistics
  • Migrate the client’s leadership team (CEO, CFO, CIO, and executives) to set the ground work for the worldwide migration
  • Administer user accounts and group memberships, track assets, identify and resolve problems, and back up user data
  • Install new operating system
  • Test and reinstall applications for each user/business unit
  • Provide immediate and thorough user support


The Technical ProSource team successfully completed the Windows deployment in about seven months. The team worked on ten sites in the south and southwest which benefited over 3,500 users. To date, the Technical ProSource team has received over 32 bonus awards for their expertise and dedicated service. Technical ProSource received a number of messages from the client’s employees raving about the transition:

  • “They were a resourceful, adaptive and a results oriented team with a cohesive set of skills.”
  • “They came and got the PC at 4pm and returned it at 6:30am the next morning. I was up and running with zero problems. Good job by all.”
  • “I used to do rollouts – I’ve never seen one go by so smoothly as this one. Kudos to the team for excellent planning and execution.”
  • “You have a satisfied customer. Just wanted to pass along my thanks for the smooth upgrade/roll. And thanks to the team that did such a nice job of migrating everything. No hiccups so far. Please pass along my thanks to the Technical ProSource team.”
  • “We have always been pleased with the services provided by Technical ProSource. They are responsive, offer quality resources and work to achieve the highest level of technical proficiency. Technical ProSource can serve as the model to other staffing firms.”

Moving to a Managed Windows XP Common Operating Environment


A large independent oil and gas exploration company had experienced steady growth – in large part to their ability to rapidly adopt and support new technology. Their desktop environment had quickly grown to over 6,000 global desktops and more than 3,000 software applications. They needed to move from an unmanaged Windows NT environment to a managed Windows XP common operating environment (COE).


Technical ProSource was invited to participate early in the planning stages for project planning and discovery. The plan of action included:

Application Testing

  • Coordinate with each business manager to determine application and scheduling requirements for every desktop and to reduce operational downtime
  • Test migration tools and finalize documentation
  • Review and test more than 3,000 software applications for Windows XP compatibility
  • Analyze applications for packaging requirements on the managed desktop

Managed Desktop Deployment

  • Manage the entire COE deployment
  • Coordinate with purchasing, asset management, security, facilities, applications management, desktop operations, field operations, executive support and help desk to communicate, implement and execute a fluid process
  • Use a robust application delivery platform and processes to increase deployment productivity

Post Deployment Support & Quality Assurance

  • Meet each user at their desk the morning after deployment to ensure they were able to log in and use all their installed software
  • Log, track, and resolve issues using the client’s ticketing system


In the end, Technical ProSource helped the client put a desktop management structure in place that previously did not exist. It allowed the client to provide better service and support to all end users and manage computing issues with less overhead and more continuity.

The project encompassed more than 6,000 desktops in 37 domestic locations and three countries. Over 10,000 documented issues were logged and resolved by the COE team before transitioning customer support back to the client’s help desk. For most users, the deployment did not impact their work for even a few minutes.

Technical ProSource received a number of messages from the client’s employees raving about the transition:

  • “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the support I’ve received from Technical ProSource. Your people have been an asset and a true business partner every step of the way.”
  • “I was surprised at how smoothly the transition went. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only were all my applications still available, but also internet favorites, email, and even a QUICKER network response time. Great job!”
  • “Not only did the switch from my old system to Windows XP go without a problem, but I was very impressed with the customer service I received before the change in the form of pre-visits and training. After deployment, they were waiting at my office door when I arrived to ensure I was able to log in and had all my applications available to work that day. Thank you for your help.”