Retain Top Tech TalentFive Tips for Attracting & Retaining Tech Talent

There will be a shortage of over one million tech workers between 2012 and 2022, according to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. One million! It certainly has become a job seeker’s market, making it more important than ever before for employers to understand what job seekers really look for in a job. Without a strategy in place, you’ll risk losing top talent to your competitors.

How to Find the Tech Talent You Need

It’s a common misconception is that money is the key employee motivator. While salary certainly is a factor, it’s not at the top of the list for most. To attract and retain top talent, you must cultivate an engaging, meaningful work culture. If you have a strong culture and a clearly defined career path to keep talent challenged, money becomes less important.

Even if your culture is a work-in-progress, there are a few simple tactics to improve how you attract and retain talent:

1. Ask employees to provide referrals.

Set up a referral bonus program as an incentive. Top talent is usually not actively looking. The easiest way to discover passive job seekers is through your employees’ networks.

2. Stay on top of technology.

To retain tech talent, you need to be using cutting edge technology. To attract talent, you need to talk about it. Be open about your technology plans in the job posting and interview – what you’re using now and your plans for the future.

3. Help your employees grow.

Top talent wants to stay ahead of the curve. Provide opportunities for them to earn certifications or attend conferences to expand their knowledge.

4. Be flexible.

Today’s tech talent craves a work/life balance – including a flexible schedule. This includes the option to work remotely. Optimize job listings by including how you provide these perks for your employees.

5. Partner with a staffing agency.

The fastest way to increase your success rate for both attracting and retaining top talent is to partner with a staffing expert, like Technical ProSource. While you know technology, we know talent – how to find them and how to sell the sizzle of your company. It’s much more compelling when a third party champions your message.

While there may be a shortage of tech talent, successful companies recognize that enticing job seekers and employees goes beyond a great salary. It requires investing in your culture, using strategic retention tactics, and consulting hiring experts along the way.

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